Codex Suprasliensis

[Folio 8r]

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About the Codex Suprasliensis

The Codex Suprasliensis, a Cyrillic manuscript copied at the end of the tenth or beginning of the eleventh century, is the largest extant Old Church Slavonic manuscript from the Preslav literary school (first Bulgarian kingdom). It is one of the earliest testimonials to the reception of Orthodox Christianity among the Slavs. The manuscript contains twenty-four vitae of Christian saints for the month of March and twenty-three homilies for triodion cycle of the church year. In content it is a lectionary menaeum (or panegyric), combined with homilies from the movable Easter cycle, most of which were written by or are attributed to John Chrysostom.

The Codex Suprasliensis Project

The Codex Supraslianis has been listed in the UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register since 2007. This project is intended to unite digital images of all three parts of the Codex Suprasliensis, currently located in three different countries: the National Library in Warsaw, Poland; the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg; and the National and University Library in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In addition to reuniting the parts of the manuscript, the current project aims to develop an electronic version of the Codex Suprasliensis, together with critical apparatus, parallel Greek text, translation, vocabulary, grammatical analysis, and tools for searching. The Codex Suprasliensis Project aims to make the manuscript, along with tools for its study, accessible to a global audience for the first time. Drawing on the expertise of leading scholars, curators, and specialists in informational technology, the Project gives everyone the opportunity to connect directly with this famous manuscript.

Manuscript and texts

Title Folios First Continuous Raw XML
Vita (Passio) Pauli et Iulianae (4 March) 1r1–8r15 1r Continuous  
Vita (Passio) Basilisci (5 March) 8r18–12r26 8r    
Vita (Passio et miracula) Cononis martyris in Isauria (6 March) 12r28–27v3 12r    
Vita (Passio) XLII martyrum Amoriensium (7 March) 27v5–34v20 27v    
Vita (Passio) XL martyrum Sebastenorum (9 March) 34v22–37v30,
Laudatio in XL martyres Sebastenos 42r30–50r21 42r    
Vita (Passio) Codrati (10 March) 50r24–61r13 50r    
Vita Gregorii I papae (11 March) 61r15–63v5 61r    
Vita (Passio) Pionii presbyteri Smirnae (12 March) 63v7–72v18 63v    
Oratio Pionii 72v19–73v26 72v    
Vita (Passio) Sabini (13 March) 73v29–78v31 73v    
Vita Alexandri presbyteri Sidensis (15 March) 79r1–84v30 79r    
Narrationes de taxeota 85r1–85v25 85r    
Vita Pauli simplicis (19 March) 85v28–88v7 85v    
Vita (Passio) Terentii, Africani, Pompei et sociorum (20 March) 88v9–88v39
Vita Isaacii monachi (21 March) 93r24–105r20 93r    
Vita Trophimi et Eucarpionis (22 March) 105r23–107r25 105r    
Vita Dometii Persae (et discipulorum eius) (23 March) 107r29–110v5 107r    
Vita Artemonis (24 March) 110v8–118v30 110v    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In annuntiationem sanctissimae deiparae (25 March) 119r1–122r24 119r    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In annuntiationem b. uirginis (25 March) 122r26–126r30 122r    
Vita (Passio) Irenaei episcopi Sirmii (26 March) 126v2–127v25 126v    
Vita (Passio) Ionae et Barachisii martyrum (29 March) 127v26–136v3 127v    
Vita Ioannis Climaci (30 March) 136v5–139v8 136v    
Vita Ioannis hesychastae (31 March) 139v9–151v29 139v    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In quartriduanum Lazarum homilia 1 152r1–156r27 152r    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In Lazarum homilia 2 156v1–159v7 156v    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In ramos palmarum homilia 159v10–166v11 159v    
Patriarchae Photii. In ramos et Lazarum homilia 166v13–171v28 166v    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In parabolam de ficu, homilia 172r1–177v14 172r    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. De jejunio, de Davide et de presbyteris, de Josepho et de novato 177v16–184v20 177v    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In parabolam decem virginibus, et de eleemosyna (Matth. 25,1) 184v22–192v8 184v    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In sancta et magna feria secunda homilia 192v10–195r30 192v    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. De meretrice homilia 195v2–198r19 195v    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. De invidia homilia (Matth. 12, 14) 198r22–203r1 198r    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. De proditione Iudae homilia 203r3–212v13 203r    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In magnam feriam homilia 212v15–214r22 212v    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In sancta et magna Parasceve homilia 214r25–220r13 214r    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In Matthaeum homilia 89 (Matth. 27, 62-64) 220r15–224r26 220r    
Epiphanius Constantiens. In divini corporis sepulturam homilia 224r28–236r12 224r    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In resurrectionem Domini homilia 236r15–240r2 236r    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In sanctum Pascha homilia 1 240r4–243v17 240r    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In sanctum Pascha homilia 2 243v19–249v11 243v    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. De incredulitate ap. Thomae homilia 249v12–254v9 249v    
Iohannes Chrysostomus. In sanctum Thomam apostolum et contra Arianos sermo 254v11–257r13 254v    
Vita Iacobi eremitae in Palaestina 257r15–266v18 257r    
Vita Basilii et Capitonis apud Chersonesum 266v20–272r11 266v    
Vita Aninae Thaumaturgi 272r13–285v30 272r    

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